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    Must Have Features for Sample Mobile Website Design

    In this modern world, there must be many people who will utilize the website for their business and personal purpose. Usually people will make the website which is designed for the viewer which is used computer. It means that the website will be more complicated but this kind of website will not be good enough when it is opened using the mobile phone. It means that people should also consider about making mobile website and there are some sample mobile website designs which can make them have interesting mobile website. Nevertheless, there are some must have features for sample mobile website design which people should consider.

    Mobile Website Specification

    There are some specifications which makes the mobile website different from the standard website which is purposed for the computer users. From various sample mobile website designs, people will realize these specific differences.

    • The mobile website is purposed for mobile. This is the communication device which is most personal for many people these days and it has some limitations which can be found compared to the standard desktop computer.
    • Many people usually use the mobile phone for opening the website when they are on the road so they do not have too much time for browsing the website with leisure just like when they are at home. The mobile website will be helpful for accommodating the immediate necessity for finding specific information.

    Must Have Elements

    • Button of Call to Contact and Map

    The basic principal which people can find in the sample mobile website design is the fact that the mobile website should provide the information which is relevant as easily and as quickly as possible. In many cases, people want to find the contact and it must be great if the mobile website is completed with this call to contact button. When people are on the road for finding the place where people can find the store or office for example, they have to get the guide from the map. It is must be great help for them if they can access the mobile website which is completed with map feature.

    • Direction for Driving and Auto Redirect to PC Website

    It is simple but there are many people forget to put the driving direction on the mobile site. People do not want to lose customers just because they cannot find the driving directions. The best sample mobile website is offered with so many options, but it does not mean that it only can be opened using the mobile phone. It is crucial for making sure that the mobile website can be detected by the computer.

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